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USDA Prime Dry Aged Bone In Prime Rib USDA Prime Dry Aged Beef Anderson Reserve

USDA Prime Dry Aged Bone In Prime Rib

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The rib primal cut is found between ribs six and twelve, to the chuck section’s back in the Angus beef. The Prime Rib roast also goes by the name ‘standing rib’ owing to the cooking technique wherein it’s positioned vertically as it cooks. The USDA Prime - certified Angus beef cuts have been perfectly aged so they have tenderness, flavor, and succulence. The USDA Prime labeling distinguishes them from other meat cuts, putting them on the same level as what you’d find at upscale restaurants. The bone adds to the roast’s mouthwatering flavors, making it a frequent visitor at holiday family dinners! We dry age all our beef in house for a minimum of four weeks to maximize flavor and tenderness.

Prices are per pound. Please selected the quantity as to how many pounds you would like. We cut every Prime Rib to order.

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